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“Memoria” is a set of objects offering a secular mourning ritual which fits into our modern times and which is widely understood.

Our society changes over time, and so does the way we grieve. As fewer and fewer people can identify with church or religion, religious rituals, which we could rely on in the process of mourning, disappear. But mourning rituals play an important role in coping with a person’s loss and cannot simply be omitted!

The objects serve as small reminder of death in daily life and help to accept death as part of life. As an analogy to the mourning process, the objects lose their special ritual character over time and turn into rather ordinary everyday objects meant to be used at home. In this way “Memoria” functions as a helper on the journey to return to normality strengthened.


Concept and Design Anna Zimmermann. Production ceramic objects and ring candle Anna Zimmermann. Manufacturing stone lid: Kluijtmans Natuursteen, Eindhoven; Manufacturing glass object: Kees Berende, Eindhoven; Manufacturing wood piece: Elias Noger, St.Gallen; Photography and Set Design: Daniela Trost; Pictures process Anna Zimmermann.

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Process Pictures:

08 memoria annazimmermann process 09 memoria annazimmermann process 10 memoria annazimmermann process 11 memoria annazimmermann process 12 memoria annazimmermann process