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NEW OFFICE provides a range of tools to improve the working conditions of freelancers in semi public spaces. It creates a sense of identity for freelancers who would otherwise go unnoticed within this context. It helps them claim space within public environments which are not primarily intended for work.

Freelancing has gained popularity, especially in the creative industry and people sitting at cafe tables with laptops in front of them have become a familiar sight. Workers can choose to work at home, at a fixed desk within a co-working space or at a cafe. How can freelancers make it clear that they are there to earn a living? How can the working conditions of self-employed workers be improved in this context?

Through humour, the tools point out the challenges that freelance work poses. Each tool has a specific function which could help freelancers to work more productively and professionally in semi public spaces. Together, the tools become a form of workwear. Through a series of photos, the tools are shown within the context of a coffee shop as a prime example. Each tool can be purchased via an online webshop and personalized business cards can be generated and downloaded. NEW OFFICE is a tool that connects freelancers and turns them into a visual collective in public space, giving each one the possibility to become part of a new movement.



Graduation Project at Design Academy Eindhoven, 2019. Creative Direction and Design Anna Zimmermann, Creative Advice Bettina Willnauer, Patternmaking and Tailloring Bianca Kleindessner, Coding Angelo Zehr, Photography Erli Gruenzweil, Model Lino Gasparitsch, Exhibition Setup with Lino Gasparitsch

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02 Left: Video Call Shirt in use, 03 Right: Reversible Vest in use

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06, 07 Video Call Shirt

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08 New Office Webshop - Product Site

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08 New Office Webshop - product detail site

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09 New Office Scarf

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